Brand building through Publicity


As I sit here quietly on a Sunday evening here in Toronto Canada.  I really am compelled as a publicist to talk about the significance of branding through publicity.


The most powerful aspect of branding through publicity is not about the product or the idea but the storytelling and the name and the face behind the brand. We often hear about building your own brand and by this, I mean self-brand.  What does this mean?  We see this through social media through influencers all of these contribute to building a brand.


The significance of understanding why using a publicist and why investing in this service is so important in understanding the power of storytelling. Some of the greatest names and faces behind some incredible brands are entrepreneurs on a global scale. This has everything to do with their personal story and this is where the secret really resides. The best examples of these great individuals are Elon Musk, Sarah Blakely, Alexis Ohanian, Roger Federer, Oprah Winfrey, Gary Vaynerchuk, and many others.


I over the past 10 years have had the honor of working with many wonderful entrepreneurs from around the world in many different industries, from high profile entrepreneurs to those who are building there own business, climbing and scaling. Some of the biggest learnings I have personally experienced through working with various clients is that it’s seeing my clients grow and benefit hugely from the media exposure that they receive. As a publicist, it’s about the personal attention I also give my clients.

One of my best clients I have, may not be the biggest name in the industry however they have a relatable story to those who are looking to start a business and show that it is possible.  I am really proud of one of my clients Lorenzo Escobal. Inception Automotive Detailing  Lorenzo understands the importance of investing in publicity and has featured in some amazing publications both in the US and in international media from print editorial, radio, podcast, and TV.


Understanding that every single feature and every publication in all genres of media is all building blocks and it’s the responsibility of entrepreneurs to share, and the power to story tell in the most authentic way to not only to talk about one’s self. This is about teaching and showing others what is possible and legacy.


Understanding the value of media and investing in publicity is something my best clients understand.

Below are some amazing features and testimonials to show just some examples and the work that reflects the publicity I have done with some incredible individuals.


I hope that this has bought some value and insight into the purpose of publicity.

Lorenzo Escobal – November 2018

Good Morning LA LA Land

Ndaba Mandela – December 2018 – TRIBE MAGAZINE



Lee- Ann Roberts – Indulge Magazine  – New York

Other publications I have worked with.



9 January 2019

I have worked with Kerrin Black over the course of the past eight years. Kerrin is passionate about her clients and sharing their stories. She always ensured that her clients remained on our radar, even with our incredibly long waiting lists. This tenacity has resulted in many of Kerrin’s clients being featured in Entrepreneur magazine and on our website over the years.

Kerrin is a pleasure to work with – she understands our media platforms, target markets and how her clients suit our channels.

Nadine von Moltke-Todd Managing Editor, Entrepreneur Media South Africa