Meet Kerrin

I truly believe in making a difference in the world no matter how big or small.

Serial Entrepreneur, Publicist , Philanthropist and founder of Talent Finders, Faces of Hope and Faces of Inspiration.

Born 1979 in Johannesburg South Africa


Attended School in Johannesburg and KwaZulu Natal South Africa


Studied Speech and Drama and Theatre Production at The Waterfront Theatre School


Influences:  Richard Branson, Gary Vaynerchuk, Oprah Winfrey, Sara Blakeley, Warren Buffet and Elon Musk.  


Associated with International Publications like: Forbes Africa, GQ, Huffington Post Us, CNBC Africa, Virgin, New York Times, Forbes, ANN7, FAST COMPANY, Entrepreneur, 702(South Africa), Le Kap,  Cliff Central(South Africa) and many others.


She has graced the pages of Entrepreneur Magazine SA (March 2014), O Magazine (SA) in June 2012 and March 2010.


Vision: “To build an empire that can show the world that anything is possible if you are willing to take massive action and if you refuse to quit.”


Through her association with the entertainment industry, Kerrin was naturally lead into the business of personal branding as an integral component of entertainment marketing. With her global network of contacts built over many years, she was able to branch out into another facet of the Talent Finders business (her first entrepreneurial enterprise) – publicity services. Her key role as a publicist is to develop her clients’ personal brands through media exposure. She understands the importance of brand building for individuals in order to create awareness about them and the face behind the brand.


In her 12 years of publicity she has had the privilege of working with quite a few international celebrities: Michelle Mone OBE and Remi Kuti (UK); George Ross, Erin Brooks Sawyer (; Shawn Shewchuk and Kathleen Black (Canada); Gjermund Nesland and Anita Telle (Norway); Lee-Ann Roberts, Conor McCreedy and Ndaba Mandela (Nelson Mandela’s grandson) (South Africa).

It all started having grown up in an entrepreneurial family. Working in the family run business she was readily equipped and inspired to start her own business. Whilst working for an exclusive game lodge, she met a colleague highly proficient in Websites and Development. He was able to help her launch Talent Finders.


The business concept for Talent Finders was born out of her own journey, having studied theatre and working at a leading production house in South Africa. It was here that she realized the complexity of the casting process in the movie industry and was surprised by its inefficiency. She realized that there had to be a better and more time efficient way to search for talent using the power of the Internet.  And so, the idea was born to create one central online talent community that promotes, connects and educates talent within the entertainment industry.


Initially targeting modelling and actors’ agencies, she grew the website to its present state.  During this time she redesigned the site and expanded the scope to include other varieties of talent such as sports people, musicians, speakers, dancers and the like. is the place for ‘Talent’ to promote themselves both internationally and domestically.

At 21, Kerrin left South Africa and travelled to several different countries returning 8 months later with a new vison to start a non-profit organisation, Faces of Hope Foundation. ( ) This NPO was prompted by a friends’ lymphoma diagnosis. It seeks to raise funds for select cancer patients to help in meeting basic financial costs to cover their debilitating treatment. There have been many challenges in the process but Kerrin has donated considerable time, persistence and ingenuity in raising funds for this foundation. In so doing she has formed associations with a number of local and overseas collaborators. One such person is celebrated South African artist Conor McCreedy.


Having also supported and volunteered for other non-profit organisations like the Starfish Foundation and Just Footprints foundation in South Africa and the UK, it enabled Kerrin to have better insight and understanding of how these organizations work. This gave her the tools with which to not only set up both Faces of Hope in South Africa but also Faces of Inspiration in the US. The latter is a grant-based organisation that raises funds in the US for entrepreneurship, mentorship, healthcare and endangered wild life.


Kerrin is someone who believes unreservedly in giving back; that life is about balance. She is a diversely talented, passionate and driven individual who believes in the speed of implementation and commits wholeheartedly to her clients.


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‘I truly believe in making a difference in the world no matter how big or small and have a passion for people and creating change. To me being an entrepreneur is not just about having a vision or great idea – it’s about taking those ideas, actioning them and turning them into success stories.’

Welcome to my life.


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