Mikael B Roussel – Holistic Coach


Mikael B Roussel 

Mikael B Roussel was born on the 22nd of January 1991 in Chamonix France.

He is a Holistic Coach whose calling is to help people find expression for repressed emotions and
unexpressed traumas. Helping them to embody their purpose and become the living expression
of their own freedom.
By balancing the fundamentals of health (nutrition, hydration, sleep, exercise, rest), purpose work
and bringing forth as well as releasing limiting beliefs, he supports his clients in living more joyous
and meaningful lives.

Mikael is also the host of the “Embracing Wholeness” podcast, where he and his guests dive
deeply into their dominant shadows, and other rarely talked about subjects. The goal of this is to
find ways of dealing with these situations/subjects in more accepting and loving ways.
When he is not coaching or hosting his podcast, Mikael plays in a band called “Casilian”, a poprock group, whose harmonies, catchy melodies, and meaningful lyrics touch the heart of anyone
who listens.

Mikael wants his life to be an expression of freedom and an inspiration for others to do the same,
and to find what they would be willing not only to die for but most importantly to live for.
In hope that our world can become a more pleasant one, for all being.